This is my first blog,i hope first of many to come ,i don’t think that everyone shares the same excitement as i do but still, just like our beloved ‘prime minister’ i will carry on without taking into consideration what others think.

Its kind off strange, when i decided to write a blog, first thing that came to my mind was RAM. May be because of all the recent occurring as you might think, but more appropriate reason will be because being a hindu, Ram (or god in any form) comes to me first. But there was a tussle as well whether should i write about ram or ram mandir, should i write about ram’s persona or his ‘janambhoomi’ ? People seem to be more obsessed with later but i prefer former, so may be i’ll give you a mix.

Ram born to dasharath and kaushalya in ayodhya, their eldest son, is considered 7th avatar of vishnu. Besides Ram, he’s also referred to as kosaladheesh, kaushlesh, Maryada-purushottam  meaning ‘Man of highest Virtue’ or ‘God of Virtue’, etc. His Biography has been written down by many great people like Valimiki (in sanskrit) ,tulsidas (in hindi dialect), guru gobind singh (named ramavtara),etc. They are all very much different from each other,understandably having different  views but one thing  remains common in all form of ramayans written all over,  that is Ram is considered  Maryada Purushottam by all.

What is it that makes him the most written about god in recent history of this religion? Is it this name of his ‘RAM’ or is it his life or just because he was an incarnation of vishnu?

Tulsidas writes pages full of how his name is so precise and appropriate. He says

” एकु छत्रु एकु मुकुटमनि सब बरननि पर जोऊ ।
तुलसी रघुबर नाम के बरन बिराजत दोउ ॥”

when ‘ra’ of ram is added to your name (in hindi offcourse) it stands like an umbrella saving you from all the miseries and when ‘ma’ of ram is added it looks like a jewel on your forehead making your soul even more beautiful. What a beautiful interpretation. And along with it, tulsidas emphasizes the importance of name (on the contrary to shakespeare who says whats in the name) by saying

” देखिअहिं रूप नाम आधीना ।  रूप ज्ञान नहीं नाम बिहीना ॥”

when we look at someone his name comes to our mind, when we think of him( his name) his image comes to our mind.

Ramcharitmanas is full of  praises for Ram, Valmiki ramayan not so, Valmiki even criticizes Ram at many instances but that’s a different issue. No where in any ramayan written by anyone is any emphasis of any kind on temple. Its understood for valmiki ramayan as at that time temples where not of that much importance but why nothing in ramcharitmanas or ramavtara, etc. SOME will say how can Ram himself ask to build his temples,but many gods of other religions do ask their followers to build places of worship than why not ram?  Maryada purushottam perhaps but tulsidas (Born 1532AD) also says nothing about it. He on the contrary says

“जाकी रही भावना जैसी प्रभु मूरत देखि तिन तैसी ॥”

God appeared to everyone in different forms, depending on their faith.

Then why today we are so obsessed with a temple? Ayodhya has 11000, yes eleven thousand temples but  zero at the place it matters, Ram janambhoomi. Ram in itself would neither feel happy or ‘dejected’ if temple there is build or not, but his followers will be.

So in quest of that ‘one’ temple, we unintentionally made ram a small word preceding bigger words like MANDIR and JANAMBHOOMI.

Yes, what happens at that 67 acres land in ayodhya will have a long lasting and bigger impact on this nations future (little on this religion), but is that THE MOST important thing, is it worth being so fanatic and in the process becoming just like those whom we are fighting against. A temple at what cost? Cost of even a single life is too much to afford but we in the process have given many. We might get our temple in the end but will we get those lives back?

No doubt that huge and majestic temple will boost our ego but will that temple solve the basic problems of hinduism due to which hundreds of lower caste hindu’s change their religion, will it make hindu’s understand that caste is not by birth but is from action’s as maharishi Manu said originally or will that temple make hindu’s understand their religion? which at present they don’t, even the flag bearers of temple movement are not that aware of what hinduism actually is.

Having said all that, please don’t think that i don’t want that temple, i want it as much as you do, even more than politician’s do. Ram himself when offered lanka by vibhishan after killing ravan says

“जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी॥”

Mother and motherland are better than heaven. He emphasizes on the importance of motherland (Janambhoomi) and i being his humble follower cannot reject the importance of janambhoomi or janamsthan. All i am trying to convey is that temple is good but who is inside is more important. Ram mandir at his birth place is great but RAM in our heart and in our action’s is superb.

The only good thing about that mandir movement of early 90’s was that it united hindu’s like never before. Hindu’s for once thaught, worked, moved and lived as one, the otherwise unbreakable boundaries of caste were broken, we were all brothers  up for one cause. Lets work towards recreating that unity and brotherhood, i am sure thats the only way to connect with our beloved Ram.

Atlast, phew finally, i will end this by quoting sumitra, when lakshman was to leave with Ram and Sita on vanvaas he came to see sumitra to take her blessings. Sumitra says

“रामं दशरथं विद्धि मां विद्धि जनकात्मजाम्।
अयोध्यामटवीं विद्धि गच्छ तात यथासुखम्॥”

Regard Ram as your father, Sita as your mother, this world as ayodhya and you will always be happy .

Jai shri ram